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H.I.S. GDPR Policy in italiano

Leggi l'informativa della Privacy GDPR (in Italiano)

H.I.S. Privacy Policy in Europe (English)

  • Information relating to identifiable particular individuals among our customers and people associated with H.I.S., namely personal data, is an important and indispensable asset for H.I.S. This valuable personal data is socially required to be kept confidential and to be handled accurately and securely. In order to meet this social requirement, H.I.S. appropriately protects personal data in accordance with the following basic policy based on the spirit of H.I.S. corporate charters, observing Personal Data Protection Laws and other relevant laws and regulations.

  • 1. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

    H.I.S. utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to its customers. H.I.S. obtains personal data filled in or input into an application form by a customer for the purpose of arrangement and receipt of travel services provided by transportation facilities and/or accommodation facilities and provision of insurance services as well as its communication with the customer. [Read more]

  • 2. Legal bases on process the personal data

    H.I.S. processes personal data relaying on the following legal bases:
    (1)Performance of contract,
    (2)Legitimate interests,
    (3)Compliance with legal obligations and (4)Consent. [Read more]

  • 3. Provision of Personal Data

    H.I.S. does not disclose or provide personal data provided by customers to any third parties, except with the consent of the customer from whom the data was obtained, or when there is a legitimate other reason for such disclosure (such as legal obligations to do so). [Read more]

  • 4. Procedure for disclosure of personal data

    When a customer makes inquiry or request to H.I.S. for disclosure, deletion, correction of his/ her personal data, or when a customer requests H.I.S. to cease using or providing the data to a third party, the customer is kindly requested to get in touch with H.I.S. H.I.S. responds to the inquiry or request within a reasonable period. In case H.I.S. cannot meet the request partially or wholly, H.I.S. explains the reason to the customer. [Read more]

  • 5. Security procedures for personal data

    In order to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of it, H.I.S, strives to enforce safety procedures which are appropriate and rational from both technical and administrative aspects. If there should occur any leakage, loss or damage of personal data, H.I.S. will immediately inform the responsible supervisory authority as well as the person from whom the data was obtained immediately to that effect and will take necessary and appropriate countermeasures and/or correcting measures. [Read more]

  • 6. Data subjects’ rights under the European Data Protection Regulation

    The customers have the various rights with respect to the personal data concerning the customers. The customers also have the right to file a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority. H.I.S. responds without delay to request for disclosure of personal data by the person from whom the data was obtained as well as other complaints, or consultations. [Read more]

  • 7. Other matters

    H.I.S. observes Personal Data Protection Laws and other relevant laws and regulations, policies and other codes prescribed by national governments and international bodies of those areas where such data is collected. H.I.S. has internally established Personal Data Protection Management System, ensuring that all officers and employees recognize and comply with the laws and regulations and that the system is continuously improved and kept updated. [Read more]

Established as of March 1, 2005
Amended as of May 25, 2018